Frequently Asked Questions

Services GoLabo offers in-home blood drawing services. You must provide a doctor's requisition prior to making an appointment. A nurse will contact you to provide a price quote for your laboratory test and arrange for a date and time best suited to have the nurse visit you.

Blood drawing services can be done in the comfort of your own home or office, or immediate service at our private clinic in Montreal (Westmount).

Appointments can be made by visiting out website at or calling us at (514) 683-6767

Based on information gathered from your medical history, a recent exam and your current symptoms, your physician will order specific tests that provide additional relevant clinical information to aid in forming a diagnosis.

Each test is priced differently. We offer competitive pricing. Insurance plans cover most or all of the costs associated with the laboratory testing. It is the patient's responsibility to verify with their insurance company.

Test results are faxed directly to the prescribing physician within 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of test ordered. The wait time for certain tests may exceed 48 hours. We check for new results every 12 hours, 7 days/week.

Many tests are completed by the end of day however some speciality tests may take longer due to the manual nature of the procedures. Your test results are automatically sent to the requesting healthcare provider.

No, for security reasons, we do not provide results over the phone. Our secure patient portal will be available as of March 2021, allowing clients to schedule appointments, make payments, access results and consult a doctor to discuss your results.

Services GoLabo offers 2 types of COVID-19 testing:

Serology - this blood tests verifies for the presence of IgM and IgM antibodies due to past or recent exposure of the COVID-19 virus

PCR - this test looks for viral RNA using sample secretions from the nose and throat  

No, for the safety of our staff and all patients. COVID-19 tests must be done at our private clinic in Montreal. The clinic is private and employs strict safety measures including UV-C disinfecting lights in all rooms and UltraHEPA air filtration. Our waiting and reception area is filled with lush, air purifying plants.

Our staff wear full protective equipment at all times during your visit, including a surgical mask and gloves. Our staff are trained extensively in safety protocols and have an average of 12 years clinical experience working in hospitals, laboratories and test centres across Quebec.