About Us

We are a mobile laboratory sampling service comprised of Québec medical technologists and nurses. We provide professional, fast, and affordable service.

*NEW* February 2021 - Montréal sampling centre with advanced testing opened

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Our Commitment to Safety & Quality

Training and Certifications:

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis
  • CFT Canada Transport of Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods
  • RCMP Extended Criminal Backgound Check
  • CSST Driver's Record Check
  • Licensed nurses or medical technologists (OIIQ, OIIAQ or OPTMQ)

We do not offer in-home COVID-19 testing and do not visit patients with COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19. Patients requiring COVID-19 testing are invited to our Montréal office with surgical sterilization procedures.